Reputation Management

Your business is always exposed to clients or any visitors to your site.  This allows visitors to leave negative or positive comments on blogs or postings related to their experience using your product or service.
You can't skip this option so you have to put max. efforts to meet your customer's expectations. 

Our main goal is to protect your image online. We monitor your public reputation by what people are writing about your company's services or products.
once we discover a bad reputation, we will contact the information poster and negotiate the removal of the bad information.
We have various solutions to overcome this problem and sometime it might take some time to rectify this problem.

Remember, every buyer or visitor has the right to express their view about your service or product. In some cases, those postings are considered to be illegal if;
Posting is false
Posting is using threats
Posting is using defamatory language
Posting is a revenge type

our reputation management consists of many solutions, let us use our long experience to rectify those problems so you will be able to concentrate on running your business without any interuptions. 

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We are all human being and mistakes can be made. Many times it's impossible to avoid negative postings. You must take into consideration that various surveys show that 85-90% of consumers are trusting the written feedbacks online. Therefore, it is a must to have a reputation management system.


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